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Covid-19 monitoring

Allows precise, real-time, data-based decision-making.

Make it possible for healthcare professionals to monitor hundreds of patients simultaneously.

Permits a reduction in ICU bed occupancy, since patients with no severe symptoms can remain in ward beds.

Lower risk of contamination for healthcare professionals, as they are not in contact with these patients.


  • The nursing staff use the app to admit patients to bed.
  • Patients keep the Oxistar sensor on their finger the whole time.
  • The sensor sends SpO2 and heart rate data at intervals defined by the Online Monitoring Center according to medical protocol.
  • The nursing staff send information concerning symptoms using the app or through the Online Monitoring Center according to medical protocol.
  • All this is done automatically, with no interaction between patients and clinical teams.

The oximeter automatically measures SpO2 and HR

Reminders are sent to patients at adjustable intervals

Manual capture of temperature

Manual capture and rating of symptoms such as cough, discomfort, breathlessness, etc.

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