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Covid-19 monitoring

Monitor remotely risk patients, patients with suspicion for Covid-19 or with mild cases of the disease by safely monitoring the evolution of their symptoms through an extremely functional platform providing real-time physiological parameters: oxygen saturation (SpO2), heart rate (HR), and other symptoms captured by patients, such as fever, cough, and discomfort.

Protection of frontline health workers by reducing contact with patients.

Information for medical teams and public health authorities on individuals’ clinical status.

Intensive care services can prioritize cases that are more critical.

One solution, two scenarios


Keep your patients at home and monitor them remotely.


Monitor remotely your patients who are hospitalized in non-monitored hospital beds.

How it works

Our solution involves the Biologix proprietary high-resolution oximeter, a free cell phone application (Android and IOS) that sends the real time SpO2 and HR information it collects to the cloud and, automatically, to the monitoring medical team control panel. It is user-friendly, requiring no learning or implementation curve.

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