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Sleep testing
at your fingertip

The Biologix Sleep Test for snoring and sleep apnea is convenient, accessible, affordable, and clinically validated. And it gets even better: it is comfortable and can be performed at home, using only a cell phone and a compact cordless sensor.

Entenda como a apneia do sono impacta a sua vida e descubra como realizar o exame.

Mude a vida de seus pacientes oferecendo um diagnóstico inovador para um grande problema.


Biologix exclusive high-tech sensor: cordless, compact, and comfortable. It captures oxygen saturation data (SpO2), heart rate (HR). The actimeter embodied into the sensor monitors body movements during sleep. The device battery lasts up to 2 nights.


The report is generated using a proprietary algorithm and immediately posted on the clinical platform. It includes a chronological graph of SpO2, desaturations, HR, and body movements, as well as results with reference values.


The Biologix application is safe, intuitive, and user-friendly. It can be downloaded free. The report is generated in PDF format. You can share test results by email and on social media. The application is available for Android and IOS.

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