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Frequently asked questions

Using the Biologix app

What is the Biologix app?

The Biologix app is an app available for smartphones which allows our users to take the sleep apnea digital monitoring (SADM) test. The app is always used along with the Oxistar sensor.

Who can use the Biologix app?

Any patient over 18 years old who wants to diagnose or monitor his/her sleep apena and its development over time.

Does Biologix offer any sleep apnea treatment?

No, Biologix provides the Oxistar sensor and information systems to make the sleep apena test, allowing the patients to diagnose and monitor their conditions/treatments. For a sleep apnea treatment the patient must consult a doctor.

How does the Biologix app detect sleep apnea?

An upper airway obstruction is almost always followed by a drop in the blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), which is continuously measured throughout the entire night of sleep. Using the Biologix algorithms, the app calculates the oxygen desaturation index (ODI), which is the number of SpO2 drops per hour.

Does the Biologix app give the AHI (apnea–hypopnea index)?

No, the Biologix app does not give the AHI. It gives the ODI (oxygen desaturation index), which is an important indicator of apnea and hypopnea occurrences.

Do I need Internet access to use the Biologix app?

Yes, your smartphone must be connected to the Internet to start and finish the test, but it does not necessarily have to be connected during the test. The conection can be done via Wi-Fi or mobile data (3G, 4G...)

The "My sensors" section from Biologix app

What is SpO2?

SpO2 is the peripheral oxygen saturation measured by a pulse oximeter and it is a blood oxygen quantity estimation.

What is heart rate?

Heart rate is the speed of the heartbeat measured in beats per minute (bpm).

What is PI?

PI (Perfusion Index) is an indicator of the Oxistar sensor signal intensity. A low PI makes the calculation of the heart rate and the SpO2 more difficult. Each person has a different PI. The Oxistar sensor works properly when the patient PI is higher than 0.8%.

Using the Oxistar sensor

When should I recharge the Oxistar sensor?

It is recommended to recharge the Oxistar sensor everyday before using it, for at least 2 hours, preventing the sensor from running out of battery during the test.

Can I use the Oxistar sensor and recharge it at the same time?

No, the Oxistar will not work while it is being recharged.

How to turn on and off the Oxistar sensor?

The Oxistar is automatically turned on when placed on the finger. In the same way, when removed from the finger it will turn off automatically after a few seconds.

What is the right way to place and fasten the Oxistar sensor?

The Oxistar must be placed on the index, middle or ring finger with the lights facing the palm. The fingertip must touch the bottom of the sensor. Once placed correctly, use the tape provided in the kit to fasten the Oxistar sensor on the finger. Do not hold tie the tape too hard because it may cause discomfort to the patient and damage the device.

What if I have to pause the test during the night?

You can pause the test during the night. If you need to pause it by any reason, just remove the Oxistar sensor from your finger. You don't need to do anything on the app, the test will resume normally once the Oxistar is back in place. If the Oxistar is removed for more than 30 minutes the test will be discarded.

Can I share the Oxistar sensor with my family?

The Oxistar can be shared with other people, but Biologix accounts are individual and each user must have their own. If this rule is not followed the test data will be saved on the wrong person's account, compromising the diagnosis and the treatment provided by the doctor.

The "My tests" section from Biologix App

How do I know the result of the test?

You must access the section "My tests" on the app (where you can see the list of your past tests) or request the results to your partner. Once the results are available you can get more detailed information of a given test by tapping on it and the app will display more information. Besides that, you will receive an automatic e-mail containing the test result.

Can I share the result of my test?

You can share a printed version of the test with whom you want, via e-mail or social networks. To do that, just tap on the share icon on the top-right corner of the test detail section.

Which information is displayed in the test result?

The result provides the test starting and ending time, questions and answers of the night questionnaire, amount of oxygen desaturation events, lowest SpO2, average SpO2, the amount of time in which the SpO2 was lower than 80% and 90%, as well as the lowest, highest and average heart rate.

How long does the test result take to be generated?

Once the test is finished, provided that there is Internet connection on your smartphone. The results will be available to your partner within seconds

What if an error occur which prevents the test to be completed?

The result will only be generated if the duration of the test, with valid data, is longer than 4 hours. If the test is not completed successfully the night will not be considered and you can have another test without being charged.

My ODI varies between different nights, is that normal?

Yes. The oxygen desaturation index (ODI) may vary between nights, in the same way, the results may vary as well.

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