Sleep Apnea
Digital Monitoring (SADM)

SADM is a simple and accessible sleep apnea test taken at home. Just wear the Oxistar sensor and start the test before going to sleep. The test result will be ready within seconds after waking up.

✓ Clinical validation at InCor (São Paulo Heart Institute)
✓ Approved by Anvisa (Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency)
✓ Approved by healthcare professionals

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One test, Two applications


In order to know if you have from moderate to severe sleep apnea.


In order to monitor the treatments of sleep apena.

Biologix Solution

Oxistar Sensor

For a practical and comfortable test

  • A single high-tech and exclusive sensor from Biologix
  • Wireless, compact and comfortable
  • High-resolution oximeter
  • Actimeter which allows monitoring the patient's movements
  • Bluetooth® communication
  • The battery lasts for 2 nights and is recharged in 1 hour
  • Certified by regulatory agencies INMETRO, ANATEL e ANVISA
  • Patents pending internationally
Sensor oxistar sendo usado
Aplicativo Biologix

Biologix App

Your sleep apenea on your phone

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • User's test history
  • Report in PDF format
  • Share your tests via email and social media
  • Security
  • Download for free
  • Available on Android and iOS

Test Report

Ready within seconds

  • Report generated by proprietary algorithm
  • Results with reference ranges
  • Questionnaire to support health professionals
  • Oxygen saturation data (SpO2)
  • Heart rate data (bpm)
  • Chronological SpO2 chart, desaturation, bpm e movements
Sensor oxistar sendo usado


Sleep test

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