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33% of the adults have sleep apnea, but the majority doesn't know¹.
Are you part of this statistic?
We are going to help you to find out.

Find the nearest location to conduct the test

O centro credenciado é um parceiro independente que realiza o Exame do Sono Biologix, dessa forma não temos nenhuma interferência sobre os serviços prestados por eles, bem como sobre a administração.

How to perform the test


Find the nearest accredited center and order the Biologix Sleep Test. Biologix is present in medical offices and clinics in 22 Brazilian states where accredited health professionals are qualified to conduct the test.


To perform the test, get permission, detailed instructions, and the Biologix sensor from one of these qualified health professionals. Download the “Biologix” application (available from App Store or Google Play) and register.


Before going to sleep for the night, place the sensor on your finger, connect with the application and start the test. Done! You will comfortably perform the Biologix Sleep Test at home. Biologix Sleep Test no conforto do seu lar.

Snoring is just the tip of the iceberg of a much greater problem

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a chronic disease where patients pause in breathing during sleep due to a blockage of airflow at the throat level, most often with loud and frequent snoring followed by choking. In severe cases, this can occur hundreds of times a night.

Click on the icons below to know more about symptoms and conditions associated with sleep apnea.

Decreased libido and sexual impotence
Daytime sleepiness and fatigue
Loss of productivity
Lound and frequent snoring
Difficulty of concentration
Difficulty maintaining sleep
Memory impairment
Increased risk of motor vehicle traffic accidents
Gastroesophageal reflux
Systemic arterial hypertension
Coronary artery disease
Heart Failure
Cardiac Arrhythmias and Atrial Fibrilation
Stroke (CVA - Cerebrovascular Accident)



It is an application that must be used together with the sensor to perform the Digital da Sleep Apnea Monitoring test.

Patients who are in the process of being diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, as well as patients being treated for apnea in order to monitor the evolution of the disease.

No, Biologix is a platform designed to monitor sleep apnea digitally. For treatment, contact a healthcare professional.

We diagnose sleep apnea based on oximetry. When patients pause breathing, which is the main characteristic of apnea events, their blood oxygen level drops. Our solution detects these drops, based on which it calculates ODI (oxygen desaturation index). Based on data from both our validation study for this solution and the sleep apnea literature, we established reference values to rate results as normal (no apnea), mild, moderate, or severe apnea.

Upon test completion, result are automatically available for the accredited center. Thus, as soon as they complete the test, patients should go to the accredited center to return the sensor and get their results.

The test result includes personal information, period during which the test was performed, conditions in the night of the test, questionnaire, and results for the Biologix test parameters (oximetry, heart rate, hand movements, and snoring).

Results are generated immediately after the completion of the test on the app.

1. Tufik, S., Santos-Silva, R., Taddei, J. A. & Bittencourt, L. R. A. Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome in the Sao Paulo Epidemiologic Sleep Study. Sleep Med. (2010) doi:10.1016/j.sleep.2009.10.005.

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