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Sleep apnea induced arterial hypertension
Get to know the relationship between sleep apnea and hypertension

Ok, but then you ask me what the relationship between hypertension and sleep apnea is. To start on this topic, let’s discuss the Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS). Sleep apnea is a widespread disease little known by the population. It is characterized by upper airways obstruction during sleep, usually accompanied by a drop in blood oxygen saturation, followed by a transient arousal from sleep to breathe. Its main manifestations during sleep include snoring, pauses in breathing, fragmentation of sleep, which lead to daytime incapacitating problems such as excessive daytime sleepiness, fatigue, headache, mood swings, as well as to cognitive disturbances (difficulty concentrating and memorizing). If you have one of these symptoms, your physician can request tests that will monitor your sleep and help him or her diagnose your disorder.


Sleep Apnea Affects mental health and can cause depression
Apnea causes depression and can impair memory

A good night’s sleep offers much more than physical rest. When you sleep, your brain is busy storing and consolidating what you learned during the day, which you will need to find in your memory tomorrow, next week or next year. When we sleep, the brain also processes information and creates connections. While we are resting, many of us have insights into solving a number of problems. 

Difficulty maintaining sleep
Get to know the most common sleep disorders

Vamos falar um pouco sobre Dificuldade para dormir? Você ou alguém próximo tem esse problema? Você sabe que existem algumas doenças relacionadas a essa dificuldade? Uma noite de sono revigorante é um privilégio para poucos. Além da falta de tempo, o excesso de preocupações e responsabilidades com família e trabalho, doença e etc, fazem com que a pessoa não consiga dormir ou manter o sono.

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