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What are the Sleep Medicine professionals?
Find out which healthcare professionals to look for

A good night’s sleep is no luxury. It is a physiological necessity, crucial to our health and survival. Good quality sleep is essential to replenish the energy spent throughout the day. During sleep, a number of metabolic processes through which your body recovers and develops take place.

If you have trouble sleeping, feel tired due to a lack of restorative sleep, have excessive daytime sleepiness, snore, are excessively tired, experience morning headaches or decreased productivity in your daily tasks you may want to seek specialist help. sonolência diurna excessiva, ronca, cansaço excessivo, dor de cabeça matinal, perda na produtividade das suas tarefas diárias, você precisa procurar ajuda de um especialista.

A number of professionals can help diagnose sleep disorders and prescribe the best treatment. To start with, you can see a GP, who will refer you to a specialist according to your symptoms -a pulmonologist, an ENT doctor, a neurologist, a psychiatrist or a dentist. These healthcare professionals might also be Sleep Medicine specialists.

Each specialist can offer you an adequate treatment option. First, however, it is important to conduct tests to diagnose the disease. Physicians will possibly request a sleep-monitoring test.

For sleep respiratory disorders, one option is the Biologix Sleep Test. This is a test you can conduct at home -simple, convenient, and effective, with no need to sleep at a sleep lab. Before going to sleep for the night, just place the sensor on your finger and start the test on the Biologix App. Upon waking up, click on “end test” to get the result immediately.

This diagnosis can also be established by means of a more complex test called Polysomnography. In this case, patients are required to sleep for one night at a sleep lab, where they are monitored using sensors that record the passage of air through nose and mouth, blood oxygenation, heart rate, brain activity, as well as chest and limb movements, i.e., a full sleep analysis.

It is important to seek medical assistance when you experience difficulties falling asleep or other disturbances during sleep, since only a specialist can establish the right diagnosis and prescribe the adequate treatment.

Poor sleep is not normal! Take care of yourself!

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this blog aims at assisting you in your education and is not intended to be construed in any manner as medical advice. Only physicians and dentists can diagnose diseases and prescribe treatments and medication. Thank you for visiting our website..

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